On Blogging

Historically, people have kept journals for many reasons.  Through those journals we have learned about the times that people in centuries past lived in, whether they were famous or not.  Some were not known to the world until after they died, such as Anne Frank.  Electronic media have given rise to an explosion in communication and everybody and their dog are blogging.  The obvious questions are, one, who cares what I think and two, why am I writing this?  For the most part, I am writing this for me and people who know me.  My intention is not to set the world on fire with profundity or to develop a philosophical system.  I am a beginner at blogging, but I intend to learn a great deal about hosting internet forums from this experience. 

If you have happened upon this blog and you do not know me, I hope you stick around.  However, you should know that I am a moderately conservative Christian and I want my blog to reflect that.  I believe in freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas, but if you’re a troll who likes to search the web for Christian blogs where you can post profane or inflammatory comments, you won’t be doing it here.

So, dear diary, I bid you a fond goodnight.

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3 Responses to On Blogging

  1. Julie Bender says:

    I like this it will be in my favorites….I’ll be back soon !!

  2. Coming back! Glad you have a blog I can visit.

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