Has It Always Been Like This?

Do you sometimes wonder, “What’s wrong with people?” 

Assuming that there is such a thing as objective truth, why do so many people seem unwilling to search for it?  I’ll use the killing of Osama bin Laden as an example.  Almost immediately, conspiracy theories started to circulate.  The same thing happened after 9/11.  People tried to convince us all that we didn’t really see planes hit the towers, that we didn’t really see the buildings crumble at the point of impact, and it was all a big ruse to give the government the power to intrude on our lives. 

Go to any news web site, and read the user comments that are posted in response to the articles.  Most of them are not worth reading.  I wonder if people are really that dumb, or if anonymity gives them a shield so they can be their worst for just a few minutes, without any kind of accountability.

Some place the blame on the educational system, but I think it’s caused by the culture of individual families.  “Family culture” wasn’t something I had heard of until recently, but once I heard the term coined it made immediate sense.  If families expect their children to learn, and place a high value on education, most kids will rise to that level.  There will always be some rebels, and all of use have ways where we try to buck the system.  But where you have parents who expect the children to attend school and try their best, that gives teachers something to work with. 

In between parents and teachers, though, are administrators who develop the educational systems.  I have friends who are teachers who have expressed frustration in the process of trying to get materials for the classroom.  The technology age has given us a revolution in tools to read and write with, but in some districts the skill of handwriting (particularly cursive) is no longer being taught.  This is a fine motor skill; brain-to-hand conditioning.  By eliminating this skill, is a vital pathway in the brain being ignored?  Will we find out fifty years from now that this is a huge mistake? 

We already have a fairly large contingent of people who can’t read, write or think.  Their brains have been wired for video games, hip hop music and substance abuse.  What comes next?

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