Facebook Got Me A Lap Steel Guitar.

This is one of those inexplicable, serendipitous things.

I’ve been a musician for about forty years now, and play several different instruments.  As time has gone on my interests and tastes have changed.  Where I once played in bar bands, I have played in churches for the past nineteen years.  I play piano and guitar primarily, but took up the violin and mandolin along the way.  Over the past few years I developed an interest in the lap steel guitar.  My budget has not allowed me to purchase one, but here’s where the story gets interesting.

While playing on facebook one evening I searched for a guitarist that I had played in a band with thirty years ago.  And sure enough, I found him.  He sells vintage sports items in Seattle, and still plays guitar.  So I sent him a message, something to the effect, “Still playing the guitar, I see.”  His response was that he had something that belonged to me and he felt that he should return it.  I was puzzled.  What in the world could it be?  Turns out it’s a lap steel guitar.  I couldn’t remember ever having owned one, but as the story developed it turned out that my dad had been given the thing by a woman whose mother (the original owner) had passed away.  No one in their family played it and it lived under a bed.  My dad had given it to our band to play around with, and because my focus at the time was keyboards, keyboards and keyboards, it had completely slipped my mind.

So, the lap steel guitar is on its way to me and I anxiously await its arrival.  I’ve done some youtube surfing for examples of lap steel playing and I must share this one.  Kaki King is a female guitarist who actually played all that complex guitar music in the movie “August Rush.”  This clip is a fine example of what one woman with a lap steel guitar, a digital delay and a loop station can do.  I don’t know how she came up with the title, but this is some great work here.


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