Observations Along The Road.

The weather has been a subject close to many hearts and minds this year.  The midwest has been hammered by tornadoes; the southwest, where I live, is bone dry. 

As I traveled across Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas, I couldn’t help but notice how brittle and dry most of the landscape is.  Just one lit match could render destruction and death.  In fact, in many areas along the road I did see scorched earth.  Then there was the wind; oh, the wind!  I felt battered and blown about like an insignificant seed, only to land in dry dirt with no water, dormant.  I prayed as I traveled, “Lord, please send rain to this place.” On the highway between Carlsbad and El Paso I saw a tractor-trailer rig nearly lose control, probably caused by a combination of fatigue and wind.  I prayed for that driver, and he did pull off the road at the next rest stop.  There are not many stops along that road.  Oh, but for timing.  Had a car been coming the opposite direction at that second, it would have been disastrous.

But then again, I noticed other bushes and shrubs along the road, vibrant and green; such a stark contrast to their surroundings that they seemed out of place.  I was reminded of a recent sermon at my church.  The pastor talked of deep roots – roots that keep reaching and reaching until they find the water far below the surface of the earth. So must we be, as believers in a world that does not want to believe.  Sharing the trip with the eight-year-old granddaughter who is learning more about Jesus, I got the chance to explore that mission field that is right within my reach, and He spoke to my heart in a very practical, visual way. 

Lord, help us to be green in a dry and brittle world, to stand out from the dry and weary land where there is no water.

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